Challenges of Start-Ups and SMEs

Notwithstanding the recognition of the important roles Farmers, Cooperatives, SMEs play in Ghana, their development is therefore largely constrained a number of factors, such as lack of access to appropriate technology; limited access to international markets, the existence of laws, regulations and rules that impede the development of the sector; weak institutional capacity, lack of management skills and training, and most importantly finance (Abor Quartey, 2010). Start-Up SME Centres (SSC) has therefore been set up as Private sector Intervention to fill the Capacity and Capital gaps that face our Start-Ups and SMEs and do not enable them fulfill their full potentials.

Farmers, Cooperatives, SMEs are woefully neglected and undeveloped in spite of their real and potential contribution to alleviating poverty, creating jobs, livelihoods, incomes and decent work for many. The several government interventions for developing the sector did not yield the required results because they were shrouded in government and civil service bureaucracies, in view of their insistence to run and manage such programmes, in spite of the fact that their statutory Mandate and civil service training do not include the running of business. In view of that they run these SME focused programmes like civil service with all the red tapes, bureaucracies, and delays, which are unfriendly to business culture. In view of this, SMEs do not patronize these services, if in fact they even know about them, and the huge monies repeatedly invested Development Partners go down the drain.