Neglected Innovations

Several innovations and inventions therefore do not end up being enterprises, leading to killing off creativity, ideas shelved, or prototype products shelved, discarded or stolen more wealthier and powerful people and organizations. Over the years, several innovations have been created youth, are show cased in exhibitions, some awarded, but are not assisted to become start-ups, developed nor incubated to take off as invention enterprises.  Many inventors and makers are thus not inspired, motivated, educated nor incubated to develop their products and potentials. There are no systematic innovation and invention inspiration, education and development ecosystem. Start-Ups face a stiffer challenge of finance. In view of the fact that the businesses are new, owned usually youth, and laden with risks, they find it difficult to attract financing from existing financial mechanisms. The lack of a Venture capital and angel investing mechanisms therefore is a pity for start-Ups since government has failed to address this in a comprehensive manner; the existing government interventions to Start-Ups financing is piecemeal and inadequate, uncoordinated and scattered in various bureaucracies unknown to those who need it, and fraught with wastage, ineffectiveness and leaving the sector further financially weakened. Meanwhile there is big money looking to invest in small businesses but unable to find the means mechanisms and necessary conditions and Institutional Framework to do this (ITC, 2019, Big Money for Small business).