Needs of Farmers, Cooperatives, Start-Ups and SMEs

Farmers, Cooperatives, Start-Ups and SMEs face the challenge of setting up and developing their businesses into productive, profitable and sustainable businesses (Lester, David, 2014); therefore they need entrepreneurship and business development services. They lack capital and therefore need inclusive financial facilitation and intermediation to make investment capital accessible to them. The journey of growing to become a stable business to stand the test of time can be lonely without a lot of support along the way therefore they need business solidarity. It is for these reasons that Start-Up and SME Centres (SSC) provide Start-Ups and SMEs entrepreneurship and business development Services, Inclusive financial facilitation and intermediation and Business solidarity opportunities to make them productive, profitable and sustainable. This fits with SDGs such as Goal 8 on decent employment opportunities through development of entrepreneurship and SMEs.